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Moderation and your Health Goals

You ever started a new regimen and got deeply involved and then found out that it was over rated, not as effective, or just a flat out lie? This can affect a person’s level of confidence in many ways, resulting in disappointment to devastation, depending on the importance or their own personal expectations. This is something that takes place in many areas of our lives, not just our health.but from political to religious beliefs, and more. However, since this is a health talk group then health will be my focus in this discussion. When I post these weekly topics, I do a lot of research prior to posting. This gives me a great combination of what they (researchers, doctors, naturopaths, etc.) say and what we know from our own experience. I'd like to add an addition to the old saying “Knowledge is Power” I'd like to add to that “Experience is Knowledge”.
I find that a majority of medical research seems to be done from history and prediction combined with testing on other than human species and very little personal experience. I always felt that what works for the monkey and the mouse, won’t necessarily work the same for a man or woman. I myself feel much safer with a recommendation from a person that has beaten an illness naturally or is living proof of something accomplished from certain nutritional benefit such as diet and exercise rather than a ton of medicines or medical research.
Living a basic natural life has it’s challenges, starting with the huge amounts of information available all the way to figuring out which one to believe in or trust.. The big question is; Which one works? The answer ultimately depends on you and only you. This group was formed mainly for the purpose of getting feedback from others. I feel that personal advice from experience and work in progress will help us all to make conscious decisions towards improving our health and our lives. Our objective is not to prove one system wrong or right, but to receive enough knowledge to influence our lives in a positive way. The important thing to remember is moderation plus your personal choice will equal a happier healthier you.
While a colonic procedure may work for one, a herbal cleanse may be more desirable for another, running is preferred for some and walking for others .Even though results can be synonymous the paths may sometimes differ. My advice is to take the knowledge from each comment under every topic and formulate your own plan that works for you. Even though some things may conflict, the ultimate goal is good health and is best achieved by practicing MODERATION. I believe that moderation is a major part of FEELING AND LOOKING GOOD NOW. How do you feel about moderation?

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Flu Shot

It's that time of year again. Every other TV ad is preaching "the flu season is here, get your flu shot", and every local drug store along with a majority of the doctors offices are constantly pushing the importance of getting the flu shot. The next step will be the introduction of a new "TYPE" of vaccine that is needed for a new"TYPE" of flu. Last year it was the H1N1, what will it be this year that fills the pockets of the medical industry at our expense, that will maybe have yet a recipient walking backwards from the side effects? . I wonder if everyone decided against the flu shot, how many real flu related deaths would've occurred last year? I've had one flu shot in my entire life and I felt like the shot actually gave me the flu. It was almost like it was a flu sample instead of a flu shot. After reading all of the dangerous chemicals in the shot, I personally don't take the shot, instead, I just boost my immune system and remember to wash my hands frequently. What do you think about the flu shot? Have you had a bad experience with the side effects?