Thanksgiving: Who’s the Real Turkey?


Well, because tomorrow is Thanksgiving I felt it would be appropriate to post a topic related to that. Let's start with the biggest issue that surrounds this day, OVER EATING. These are a few Thanksgiving common phrases that lead up to this misery, "I starved myself all day for this" , “I gotta have some of everything", “I'm stuffed, but I still got room for more"…that’s just to name a few.  Another mistake is house (hog) hoppin, that’s when you schedule dinner instead of visits at multiple locations. While it's great to visit different homes of friends and relatives during the holidays, you don't have to eat a full course meal at each location. In most cases there is plenty of food left over, and the more that goes, the less the host has to put away. So be honest, say you’re full and take a plate for later, if appropriate. So do yourself a favor and enjoy Thanksgiving in moderation. Remember that our behavior from Thanksgiving to New Years makes losing weight the number one New Year’s resolution in America.

TURKEY TIP: Turkey can be very dry when baked in the oven. This is because the juiciest part is the dark meat. I always cook my turkey upside down (breast side down) until the last hour. I then flip it right side up and finish cooking it. This method allows the juices from the dark meat to flow into the driest part of the turkey, the breast.


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