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Hello all, this is Kirkland S. Lofton, Professional Image Specialist, Custom Tailor, and founder of Feel and Look Good Now. After receiving an overwhelming response to my Facebook group page, I felt the need to create this website so that I can continue to bring you even more valuable information.  My entire life has always been influenced by art. I was either drawing portraits, making clothes, or cutting hair. From the age of twelve I began to  follow in the legendary footsteps of my grandfather working at our  family owned well-known custom tailoring business, that recently celebrated over 75 years of service in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas. I later went on to become a successful Licensed Cosmetologist and Barber servicing many throughout the Washington metropolitan area. As a skilled Cosmetologist, I was responsible for servicing clients of the local news media and many more people before becoming an educator and speaker in the hair industry. My area of expertise and true passion has always been to educate, influence, and share my knowledge with everyone that I come in contact with. After a work related injury in 2001, which created other medical problems, I became more conscious of my health which led me on a path to a healthy lifestyle change. Healthy living has been such a testimony in my life that I feel obligated to share it with you. This website will be one of the best investments of your time ever spent. I guarantee you a wealth of good, important information that impacts your everyday lifestyle, but most of all its enjoyable reading and loaded with helpful tips that will change your life one day at a time. So whether it’s health talk, hair talk, something to uplift your spirit, or anything else to positively influence your day, you will find it here. Also, don't leave without taking a trip over to the fashion side of Feel and Look Good Now. Just go to

So don't worry about knocking, just come on in and Feel and Look Good Now!!!

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