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Meet Kirk the Natural Health and Wellness Coach

      I have been a diligent researcher of natural remedies for over ten years now and have become very passionate about improving life by encouraging others to exercise the body’s ability to naturally heal on its own. My interest in alternative health began after losing both parents to cancer at a very young age, and then being diagnosed with High Blood Pressure (HBP) and high cholesterol myself, by the age of 40. The mere thought of being on medication for the rest of my life motivated me to commit to a lifestyle change that would include nutrition, exercise, and most of all belief in my ability to conquer my condition naturally. As my passion grew for this new healthy lifestyle, so did my desire to influence on others.  My mission is to use my ability to lead, along with my research and personal experience to change lives of those that I come in contact with by sharing some knowledge that guarantees them a much healthier and happier life. One of the most unique qualities of this lifestyle is that it addresses every area of your health in a positive way. Your life will change so much that you will automatically began to energize and influence the lives of others.

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