Sugar/ NOT


We have discussed this topic back in June, however, I have been asked to re-visit it. The topic is Sugar and the question is " what is a healthy sweetener? There are many sugar substitutes out there with several claims of health benefits for anything from obesity to diabetes. I see them in two major classifications; artificial sweeteners which consist of equal, NutraSweet, sweet-n-low, etc. these products often contain chemicals and other ingredients that may not be so healthy. Then there natural sweeteners such as stevia, truvia, agave, honey, etc. these tend to be non-chemical and of course more healthy and even have health benefits such as boosting your immunity,fighting bacteria, and other healing remedies. I personally love agave, I use it in everything from making my famous chili to using it in place of syrup on my pancakes. I also still believe in moderation, so yes, I do believe there is such thing as too much of a good thing can be bad for you. I have not yet found any dangerous side effects of natural sweeteners but I still wouldn't over indulge. Also, coconut crystals have been brought to my attention. I did read a little about it but have not tried it, however, I do like what I read. Have you ever used coconut crystals? What sweetener do you prefer?

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