How many things affect your life and its growth?  If you turn on the news, chances are that you’ll be affected by some story. How it affects you, depends on you. The same goes for what you allow to impact your life. Have you ever talked to someone or done something that gives you the same results and yet you still go back for more?  You know, it’s that person or that drink that always gives you a hangover. The key word here is ALWAYS. That means it wasn’t the first time you’ve experienced this repeated outcome. I’ve learned that our lives can strongly be impacted by the power of influence. However, we ultimately have control over what that influence is and how we react. Healthy, happy, productive lifestyles are not taught by hand holding with those walking a different path than the one chosen. That would be pulling against ones will and only draws from your own energy. The old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him/her drink. We sometimes have to be selfish when it comes to maintaining our own mental and physical stability. Without hurting feelings, you must know when, and most importantly how to disengage yourself  from a situation when you are obviously on a collision course. You must never let the disbelief of others knock you off your square. Don’t be the therapist that trades places with the patient, and don’t be the thought that trades places with the condition. If you feel that a situation is taking you away from your comfort zone, step away for a moment to recharge your thoughts. This is not just when dealing with others, but most definitely when dealing with self. Look at your life as a garden; it will only yield to its fullest potential when it’s free of the weeds. Do you have any weeds in your garden of life? What’s your method of de-weeding?


  1. This was a good reminder. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that negative people can influence us only if we let them. I just got an email from a “negative influencer” and your blog was just what I needed.

    1. Thanks Austin, I’m glad the words were timely for you. Please continue to visit and you can always feel free to respond on any of our topics in the archive as well.

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