Constipation is the greatest enemy in health. It is very important that the bowels move regularly to reduce the presence of toxic poisons. Many of us, including myself, always thought once a day was sufficient, but it’s not. According to Paul C. Bragg N.D., Ph.D. and CEO of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, you should have a movement upon arising in the morning and within an hour after each meal. He states “your outgo should equal your intake”. It’s been proven that constipation is a main contributor to disease such as colon cancer, liver problems, obesity all the way down to headaches and issues with the skin. The fact is that your health is at risk of toxic poisoning when proper elimination channels are not functioning correctly. Studies have shown that the presence of toxins from constipation are too much for the liver to handle causing it to throw them back into the body causing toxemia, cancer, sickness, and loss of energy, and the list goes on. People are constipated for a number of reasons from stress, poor diet, medications, etc. however, the number one cause is lazy habits. We don’t like public restrooms, embarrassed to use someone’s bathroom other than your own, working on a project that can’t wait, can’t concentrate, and so on. The fact is we’re just too busy to stop and go to the bathroom. I’ll tell you like this, people are dying from cancer and other illness every second because of poor diet as well as holding on to the toxins from even a healthy diet. So if you can live a healthier life by simply going to the bathroom, my advice to you is; EAT HEALTHY, FLUSH, AND FLUSH. Cleansing is excellent and should be done periodically, but the key is to flush toxins on a daily basis. What’s your feeling on this topic?

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