Childhood Obesity


Back when I was a child I hardly remember a problem with kids being too fat or getting tired so quickly. We were outside playing from sun-up to sun-down, come in for a glass of water and right back out the door. Even if a child was a little heavier, like Chubby from Our Gang,  he or she was still able to keep up with the other kids physically. I remember the famous quotes from grown-ups back then like, "you got young legs, go to the store for me" or "you too young to be tired". We burned so much energy that it was almost impossible to be out of shape. I had never heard of a children’s weight-loss program or a children’s special diet until now. If there was such a thing, it was very rare. There is no question that today’s childhood obesity problem mostly stems from a poor diet and lack of physical activity. OK, so now for the big question. Who is responsible? Children were not born in this world with a diet plan. It is learned, just like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. If a child is introduced to fruits and vegetables at the very beginning of their table food age, they will yearn for this later. Just as if the child is introduced to the commercial products such as teething cookies, un-healthy crackers, sugar filled juice in their bottles, etc. they will grow up to yearn for that as well. So the answer is; yes, we are responsible for childhood obesity. What is your feeling on this topic? Attached is a video of First Lady Michelle Obama speaking on this topic.

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