One of the latest concerns in the world of healthy eating and diets is a special type of protein called gluten. Where did this suddenly gain so much popularity and why now? All of a sudden we are being asked to remove gluten from our diet because it leads to severe health issues. Some claim to have allergic reaction to gluten products causing skin rashes. There are also people that suffer from a condition called celiac disease. This disease impedes the digestion of gluten causing them to become very ill when eating foods that contain gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley, all three if which we were told in earlier years were a much healthier choice than white bread. Some say that gluten is getting overdue attention now, where as others claim that it's somewhat a fad. Have you tried shopping for gluten free products such as bread? I have and it's not so easy. Also, I read that all of gluten in wheat flour cannot be removed, AND, FDA guidelines only require that a certain amount of gluten be removed before the product can be labeled "gluten free" So when you go and look at all of these gluten free products, just remember, they may not be totally free of gluten. What’s your view on gluten?about 6 months ago ·

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