The Body Heals Itself

by kirk on February 9, 2011


The body has the natural ability to heal itself. Have you ever thought of what life would be like without doctors, hospitals, or medications? Could you survive? Of course you can and will. It’s just unfortunate that our lifestyles don’t give us enough practice of our self healing capabilities. The second we feel a certain way we rush to the doctor or the pharmacist, often quite unnecessarily. My orthodontist gave me the strangest look after adjusting my braces the last time. When she told me to go and purchase whatever I use for pain and headache before I go home, my response to her was; “OK, that’ll be a movie and my pillow”, in other words, no meds for me.

The first step in self healing comes from the mind. You must have the thought planted in your mind that you feel not just good, but great. Don’t ever anticipate pain or illness before it arrives, and don’t succumb to it should it appear. The fact is that we have been trained in an ill way. We are so accustomed to the negative thought of bad outcomes that we suddenly become pain seekers rather than health believers. This is what leads us to the loss of our own faith and the abuse of medication. Often medical intervention disrupts the body’s natural ability to restore health to its fullest potential. This has often the cause of further illnesses, other disease, and sometimes even death. Did you know that close to 100,000 people die from the PROPER use of medication yearly?  

 For your body to heal itself you must first know your body and what it lacks as well as its areas of excess.  A healthy body is one of balance, both mental and physical. Naturopaths believe that illness and injury are disruptions of your body’s normal state of equilibrium. The common naturopathic treatments deal with diet, lifestyle modification, herbal meds, and mind-body therapies (meditation, hypnosis, and etc). We’ve all heard of the laws of attraction, how thoughts lead to manifestation. This is also true with the healing of our bodies. We all know someone who has been expected to die and just refused to believe it and as a result continued to live on. Also we often hear of a life threatening disease disappearing and never returning. Call it coincident al or a miracle or whatever you choose; it still is summed up as a result of your mental state. The mind is the central control center of the body and has a major impact on your existence and extent of your health and wellness. When the mind is healthy the body will follow, and when the mind is unhealthy, the body is vulnerable to disease and left on its own to fight, and often loses. The first step to acquiring or maintaining a healthy mind is to exercise positive thoughts daily to the point that bad thoughts become foreign to you. Don’t allow negativity a right to visit or reside in your mind. Smile often don’t let the dentist be the only one to see your teeth. Spend periods throughout the day to give yourself a time to reflect on something pleasant and let a silent smile confirm it. I call this, a moment of  “smilence”

 Please understand the importance of the mind/body relationship and how they impact your life. Whatever exercise you implement to create mental balance, do it often and watch the lifestyle improvement manifest in yourself and all of those around you. Do you believe that the body has the capability to heal itself?

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